RMAA offers these cost-free services to units and departments at the University of Arizona.

  • Development of necessary standards and procedures in the overall field of records management including; filing and retrieval of active records; records inventory and appraisal; inactive files management, storage and retrieval; and the archiving of permanent records.
  • Education of University management and staff in all areas of records management.
  • Assistance to departments in the establishment and updating of records retention and disposition schedules in conformity with legal, administrative and fiscal constraints.
  • Provision of boxes and storage of eligible inactive files at the University's Records Center.
  • Retrieval and re-filing of records stored by units and departments at the records center.
  • Legal disposition of records. (shredded and pulped)
  • Permanent retention of records through accessioning into the University Archives.

Records Storage Procedures

Please call 621-5666 to find out how to receive free storage boxes, instructions on how to pack records and make pick-up arrangements. View the Records Storage Procedure.

Upon request, we can send you a customer index report after the records have been entered into our inventory (describing your stored records).  The customer index report is your reference document when requesting record retrievals or information searches.  We will keep the customer index report current as new boxes enter the inventory or as boxes are legally disposed of.

Disposition of Records

When stored records are due for disposition, owning departments will receive an "Authority for Disposal List" notice for signature prior to the disposal of records.  In turn, this notice also serves as verification to RMAA that, to the best of the department's knowledge, there is no pending or current litigation or on going audits of the records listed for disposition. The Authority for Disposal List notice should not signed if all or some of listed records are still required. If records are to be withheld from disposal please explain to RMAA the reason(s) why.  If there is a legal hold on these records, the authorizing attorney or other party should be identified.

Owning departments/units can dispose of non-record material.  If such material contains confidential information or personally identifiable information, the owning department should contact the University Recycle Department to secure locked containers for disposal of this material.