About RMAA

Records Management & Archives is a unit of Procurement & Contracting Services at the University of Arizona.


The mission of the Records Management & Archives includes:

  1. Establishing and maintaining an active, continuing program for the economical and efficient management of the public records of the University of Arizona.
  2. Storing and maintaining records of the University containing documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures and essential transactions of the University designed to furnish information to protect the rights of the University and of individuals directly affected by the University's actions.
  3. Complying with rules, regulations, standards and procedures issued by relevant Federal, State, or other controlling entities.
  4. Creating and implementing systematic controls for University records (regardless of format) from the point where records are created or received through final disposition or archival retention, including storage, retrieval, protection and preservation.


Records Management is the application of systematic controls and cost reduction principles to the creation, use, maintenance and disposition of recorded information. Use of these controls and principles is aimed at the production of an efficient and economical records system through an ongoing effort to limit the creation and maintenance of records to only those records that are essential and that continue to be deemed essential over the passage of time.

A comprehensive and pervasive records management program is concerned with the full life cycle of records. It exerts control over the creation, distribution, retention, utilization, storage, retrieval, protection, preservation, and final disposition of all types of records within its purview. It is directed always at the accomplishment of two basic objectives: first, the reduction of costs involved in handling and storing of records, and; second, the giving of full support and assistance to the development of efficient systems and procedures for the storage and retrieval of information.

Additional Information

For further information about University of Arizona records and the records management program call 621-5666.

Further information is available at the State Archives and Records Management under the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records.

Records information at the national level can be found here.