Records Management & Archives

The Records Management and Archives Department (RMAA) provides a comprehensive records management program for The University of Arizona and its departments. RMAA assists departments in establishing efficient systems and procedures for the storage and retrieval of information and in determining retention and disposition schedules that conform to legal, administrative and fiscal constraints.

RMAA will provide records management instruction to university management and staff; provide boxes for storage of eligible inactive records; pickup and store records at the University's Records Center; retrieve and refile records stored by departments or units; oversee the legal destruction of records; and, secure permanent records in the University Archives.

Other Records

Student records can be requested through the Office of the Registrar.

Public records can be requested through the Coordinator of Public Records.

Employee records can be requested through Human Resources.

Historical information about the University is available through the Special Collections Library.

For medical records at the Banner-University Medical Center call 694-7310.