Records Storage Procedure

The Records Management and Archives (RMAA) department requires that customers must follow the below storage procedures before our staff can transfer your records into the Records Center.  

Boxing & Labeling Records

  • Use only records storage boxes supplied or approved by RMAA.  Call 621-5666 to request the number of boxes and barcode labels you will need and they will be delivered to your office free of charge.
  • When packing records, do not combine records with non-records (see definition of Non-record). Non-records will not be accepted for storage in the Record Center.
  • Allow about two to three inches of open space in the box to allow for easy retrievals and refiles.  DO NOT OVERFILL! The extra space also provides for safe handling of the box.
  • Do not hang Penda-Flex folders on the edges of the box as they are not designed for this purpose.  Place letter/legal size Penda-Flex folders lengthwise in the box.
  • Do not tape down the box lid to the box or staple box handle cutouts to the box.
  • All records in one box must be of the same record type/name or record series and the creation date by fiscal year or the date range of the records as in the case of research studies.  Ensure that records are placed in the box so that they face the barcode label.

Filling out the Data Entry Form

A pair of identical barcode labels will be provided to you for each box of records to be stored.  Affix one barcode label to a box about 1" below cutout handle opening at the center of one end of the box.  Place the matching barcode label on the data entry form (PDF) and fill in the information pertaining to the box contents (see below). 

  • Record Series Code: If you are a new customer you will need to call us for this information, otherwise you will find this record series code on the customer index report we have provided to you. The code is located in parenthesis next to the record name. Call us for the record series code when you have a new type of record to store or need assistance.
  • Disposition Date: Format i.e. 07/01/2001.  This date is dependent upon the type of record. The retention period, stated in years, is added to the latest date of record in a box to become the disposition date.  See the University of Arizona‚Äôs Common Retention Schedule, on-line at (See above)
  • Date Range: Format i.e., From 07/01/95 to 09/01/95 or fiscal year =07/01/00 - 06/30/01.  Our policy is that one box will contain only one full/partial fiscal or calendar year of one type of record.  Multiple years of records in a single box may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Indicate the earliest date of the record to the latest date for records in the box. The latest date of the record(s) will be used to establish the disposition date.
  • Alpha/Numeric Range: Use this space if your records are filed alphabetically, numerical or alphanumeric.  Format i.e., Abens to Woods, or A00000112 to B00000569. (use at least 6 characters with alpha names & a maximum of 10 characters) Any characters or numbers greater than 10 will be truncated.
  • Other Information: Enter supplemental information about the records that will allow for efficient and effective searches & retrievals.  For example, use the name of the research study or researcher names, protocols, program names, project names etc. There is a maximum of 40 characters to describe your records at the first level. Exceeding 40 characters will be edited by RMAA. If necessary, further description maybe written about the records of a box on the data entry form. This information will be entered in the notes field for each box in our inventory program. 

When you are finished with boxing and labeling your records, please select a temporary storage location that is convenient and adequate for us to make a quick and efficient pickup. Thank you for following these instructions and call us at 621-5666 to schedule a pickup.